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Growing older is as inevitable as the sun rising in the morning each day

In response to our concerns about how we age the medical community has focused its attention on the link between the age-dependent decline of certain hormones and the quality of life we enjoy. Experts in anti-ageing medicine recommend replacement through hormone supplementation using the hormones we naturally produce, to significantly reduce the risk of many age-related diseases, therefore helping not only to extend our life, but also enhancing its quality.

Do you suffer from these symptoms?

  · Abdominal bloating · Acne · Anxiety · Autoimmune disorders · Breast tenderness · Cold hands & feet · Decrease in sexual desire · Decreased energy · Depression · Dry eyes · Dry vaginal tract · Endometriosis · Fluid retention · Foggy thinking · Hot flushes · Infertility · Insomnia · Irregular menstrual cycles · Irritability · Memory lapses · Menopausal symptoms · Migraines · Mood swings · Muscle loss · Osteoporosis · PMS/PMT · Polycystic Ovaries · Post natal depression · Thinning hair · Weight gain


Ageing and Your Hormones

As we age our hormones decline. Many environmental, nutritional, psychological and genetic stressors have an impact on hormone levels.

The good news is that we are retiring earlier and living longer. Life expectancy for the average person has increased dramatically over the last several decades. At birth, life expectancy in New Zealand for the average female is 76 years and for the male 72 years. Once   reaching 65 we can reasonably expect to live to 84 and 80 years, respectively, and if we make it to 75, our lifetime has a likelihood of increasing close to 90 years.

However with living longer there are serious issues of ageing that we must face. Our bodies lose their vigour and ability to perform. There is a drop off in our physical endurance with each succeeding year of life. The 30 minute work out now takes 45 minutes, our knees have shortened that 5K run to 3K and sleep may not be as deep or restorative.

There are changes taking place inside our bodies that we can’t see. At the cellular level our hormone production begins to decline as we approach middle age. Slowly    almost imperceptibly, we begin to see the effects of this hormonal shift. We start to notice things like:

  1. decreased energy
  2. mood swings
  3. memory lapses
  4. decrease in sexual desire
  5. thinning hair
  6. weight gain
  7. the list goes on…….

Female ageing after menopause

 Hormones play a critical role in our health and vitality. One of the best examples is the diminishing levels of ovarian steroids at menopause which can lead not only to immediate symptoms such as hot flushes, but to long term deleterious health effects such as osteoporosis and cardiovascular disease.

Male ageing after andropause

More recently it has been recognised that with age, men have decreasing amounts of the important androgens testosterone and DHEA which may be  associated with some of the debilitation that accompanies male ageing following andropause.
In response to increasing demands from an ageing population and a great deal of scientific information,   healthcare providers are recommending hormonal  supplementation to help maintain vitality and quality of life.

You can test your hormone profile through simple saliva and urine tests!

Why test saliva & urine?

Testing is:

  1. a reliable measurement source of circulating free active hormone & metabolites;
  2. stable at room temperature for up to six weeks;
  3. convenient in the privacy of your own home;
  4. non- invasive – no blood draw required; and
  5. multiple saliva collections can be taken in a single day to evaluate normal hormonal fluctuations.

Range of tests available:

–   female/male hormonal profile
–   adrenocortex stress test
–    growth hormone test
–    estrogen metabolites
–    organic acids
–    osteoporosis marker test
–    sleep cycle test

….and much more….

Using these tests can provide a more accurate picture of your level of wellness. When properly interpreted your results can provide an opportunity to restore/improve your health situation.

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