The services that I offer

I welcome your questions and enquiries.

I provide one-on-one consultations by appointment both face-to-face if you live in Dunedin, or electronically elsewhere in New Zealand, Australia and world-wide

Supply of Hard to Get Medicine

I can import and supply medicines that are not generally available for sale in New Zealand. Usually these will require a prescription from a New Zealand registered doctor and are supplied under Section 29 of the Medicines Act by myself as a New Zealand registered pharmacist via a New Zealand registered pharmacy

General information

Please feel free to browse this website, listen to Podcasts, or use the links to my Facebook and Instagram pages

Questions of a general nature

You can contact me via the contact page, or via Facebook or Instagram

Questions of a personal or specific nature

Please complete the contact page or private message me on Facebook, or send an email

To book a consultation

Please complete the contact page and I will contact you

I do not have set fees for consultations – I use a value-for value or koha method – simply put this means that I don’t seek a fee based on a traditional time-based system – please make a payment based on your assessment of the fair value of my service to you – payment is directly to my bank account via the payment page.

If you need a guide to how to value the service then I invite you to consider what your medical specialist, lawyer or accountant would charge.

To order product

Please complete the contact page, tell me about your requirements and I will contact you.

Payment – I will send you an invoice and payment must ne made in full in advance – please be aware that generally these products are being imported or compounded especially for you so they cannot be returned or refunded unless the product is damaged or not as ordered – payment is directly to my bank account via the payment page


Bank Account Radio Pharmacist: 12-3126-0808383-00
GST registration number: 39-506-742